The Month of Bitcoin

So I'm into bitcoin, I see it as a system that could grow to new places if it gets adopted.

Problem is, it isn't getting adopted...

Well, in New Zealand (where I live) that is.

In the states (and probably other places), it is quite a bit easier to just drop everything and say "I'm living off bitcoin now". Examples are:

So these people found it uncannily easy to do this crazy experiment, where they only purchase things with bitcoin, and survive!

So what do I mean when you only purchase things with bitcoin? Kashmir decided that because her landlord wouldn't accept bitcoin, she had to move out (into what kind of sounded like a bitcoin slums). The newlywed couple decided they could use things they got given as wedding gifts (petrol, canned food, you know ... the usual wedding gifts ...).

So clearly everyone (from a sample of 2) is different, and I live in New Zealand, so it will probably be harder right? That is why I thought I would set down a list of rules that I will attempt to follow. My goal? To live off bitcoin for the month of April 2014 (not an April fools joke).

This crazy goal will be presented at a conference in May (WAHCKon[1]), and potentially run in some news papers. So why not I say!

So here are the rules:

  • I can use existing things I own, as long as I find some way of replacing them within the month
  • I can't get a friend to buy all the things for me
  • I can't just transfer bitcoin into NZD and use that...
  • Health/insurance/pets/rent off the table (unless I find something!!)
  • Any more that people suggest which sound reasonable

So I should make a plan right? Here it is.

I eat pretty bland, making my own meals most of the time, and eating out occasionally. Meals I make usually consist of home made bread (flour/yeast/salt/water/other things), home made pasta (flour/egg/salt), meat (usually mince/chicken/bacon) and veges (either fresh or frozen). So first plan is to try and replace these things.

For that, I need either a supermarket (I've tried, no go...), or a dairy/superette/butcher/market/etc. I think the latter is more possible. So in the first few days, I will try to get that done.

Things I should look out for over the month:

  • I'm going to sydney for a week, flights/accom prepaid, but eating... I've found a few bars/cafes online, so they will do.
  • My landlord doesn't want to accept bitcoin (I've got a mortgage to pay), and it probably isn't worth the hassle to try and get him to convert it straight away.
  • Insurance I'm just not going to bother, it is a yearly expense, so meh..
  • Health/pets/etc should be off the books. I don't want to die, and I don't want my cat Ada to die either.

So what have I found/done so far (before I started)?

  • Almost got a few local bars to the stage that they will accept.
  • Asked round the local dairy, and got a blank look.

So I guess, wish me luck. Feel free to donate to 155WivS5TdBdU1UMQVZNLodywzCUdLdBBk.

Stay tuned for updates!