Bitcoin Day 9

Right. First off I would like to just make a few things clear.

The aim of this month is less than just living off Bitcoin for a month but more getting a wider range of understanding with vendors. When I started I knew that I would most likely fail but that I would still put in the effort.

The holiday in Sydney was just that. A holiday. Don't blame me for being human and spending some AUD on touristy things. That said. I have spent only around $100 AUD and probably around $300 in BTC...

Comments are welcome but honestly grow up and be an adult. If you think this exercise is pointless or a waste of time or I'm not doing it to your standard. Close the tab. If you do like it but think you have helpful constructive comments. Leave them here. I won't bother replying to anything that starts off in a rude manner.

That all done let's get started. For those that don't know what this is. Read above along with the first post.

I'll leave off the daily price updates and leave them mainly for the weekly summaries.

I'll mention day 8 briefly. The only Bitcoin spending was a $177 dinner for my partner and I for "date night" at The owl house. She thought it was amazing. We got a few cocktails. 2 courses each (deal on Tuesdays for 2 courses for $35) and some wine for desert. Amazing. Much Bitcoin.

After dinner we had a chat to the owner. The main reason he accepts is that he has something over his competition and he sees it going somewhere. He used bitpos.

Day 9 started by a snack at the black star pastry in Rosebery. I mentioned that I went to the new town store which didn't accept btc on Sunday. Rosebery is just an experiment for them for now. They used bitpos. I left a tip.

While wandering round I found a bottle store as I needed wine for a family dinner tonight. Bought the with Bitcoin. Can't recall the name though :-(

Spent AUD to go to zoo.

So thats it for today.

If you can offer assitance, just do it! I'm on twitter as haquaman, on reddit as haquaman, on IRC as aquaman (no h), and email at hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz.

Feel free to donate to 155WivS5TdBdU1UMQVZNLodywzCUdLdBBk.