Bitcoin Day 2

Wow, I ate a pizza today!

So the day started off with the price around $540 for 1 BTC, up $10 from yesterday. Still less than what I bought it for though...

In the morning, I woke up, and decided to check the stats on the blog post I posted the night before explaining what I was doing. I had like 50 views!!! Means people must be interested right?

So for breakfast I had some cereal (used muesli and milk that I had left over, will need to find a way to replace that...). And made some sandwichs for lunch (again, need to replace). So far it is like I'm just saving money, not improving coverage of bitcoin.

So yesterday I had found a few places that were maybes, but I told them I would come back in a few days, so maybe not today I would pester them. Don't want to seem too eager...

At lunch I did the same as the day before, asked round a few places. Found that some places were going out of business, got one cafe that was very aggressive towards me. Man, I feel like a crazy person. Didn't get much out of this, maybe I need my friend to come along so I don't seem to crazy?

After work, I went out with a few workmates to a local bar/cafe called Meow, which is across an alley from Little Beer Quarter who were interested. So I thought, lets try two birds one stone. I asked at Meow, and the bartender said it sounded cool, but I should come by around 4pm on Friday to talk to the owner.

After sitting there watching my mates have a few drinks (none for me!), I went across the alley to LBQ and had a chat with one of the managers there. They wanted me to have a chat with one of the owners to discuss how it would all work, and to get rid of their fears that it was so volitile. Easy, they will email me with a time to come in, may not be for a few weeks though (I'm in Sydney next week).

I then went out to meet up with some friends for a "Poetry in Motion" event. It's something I first went to last month, and one of my friends is a regular. It's pretty cool, people should look it up. It was at Heaven Pizza on Cuba st tonight (and has been for a while), but next month it is at Meow (it is quite popular!!). The first problem, there was a door charge (well donation), and I'm not spending money!

To solve this, before I got there, I wrote down a bitcoin private key of an address I just created (yes, handwritten). I then transferred $5 worth at the current rate, and wrote that on there as well. I gave it to the door girl, and explained what I was doing. She loved it!

I then went up to the counter and asked whether they knew about it yada yada yada, and some guy behind me said he would buy me a pizza. I had to think on that, and whether it broke my rules. I decided that if a complete stranger would give me food in exchange for bitcoin it is kind of legit right... In eary days at least. So he bought me a pizza, but my phone was dead so I got his contact details, and I will text him a private address when phone charged again. Pizza value, $15, in bitcoin. So far spent $20 in bitcoin!

I still went and asked the girl at the counter, and she knew about it, and I asked whether they would accept it. Same story, I should come back in with some details and talk to the owner. I should really make that site that explains it all!

Listened to the poetry, got up myself (they convinced me to talk about bitcoin, so I did), and then walked home.

Looking forward to day 3, getting a website cranked out tomorrow evening, may talk about this adventure at a user group as well.

Feel free to donate to 155WivS5TdBdU1UMQVZNLodywzCUdLdBBk.