Bitcoin Day 3


For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post.

So the day started off with the price around $510 for 1 BTC, down $30 from yesterday :(

The comments from reddit posts are great, there are some trolls, but in the main very good reception. People have offered to cook me dinner in exchange for bitcoin, which I may take up that offer!

So I have been slack and not made a website, but after writing this I will sort out my printer and make some paper wallets for tips to hand out, with my email on the back or something...

Anyhow, today was good. I went to work as usual, didn't ask any dairies on the way in though as was running late. Workmates were well up with the play and kind of interested in my madness.

So I had a few setbacks from workmates, we are planning on going out to a team dinner at Mama Browns (on corner Tory and Wakefield, where Wholly Pizza was), which I assumed didn't accept bitcoin... Also, we were having a shot of tequila to celebrate me joining the team again (recently shifted jobs back to my old workplace, by recently I mean monday!). Tequila needs limes, and I am usually the one to buy them.

So I'm in a few chat rooms relating to IT and security, and I post copies of this blog to it once I write them. I asked in one #kiwicon and someone kindly said they would buy me a lime, for bitcoin, and they lived locally. I would have to pickup of course, but that suited, because they lived close to Mama Browns, so I could ask on my way back to work.

I made the transaction, spent around $1, and told my workmates. Stunned is a word that could describe their expression.

So at lunch I had some free pizza (all staff meeting), and introduced myself to the company (even though I had already worked there). I mentioned that I was doing a month on bitcoin, and had recently brought a lime.

After lunch, I went to pick up my lime (from the rendezvous point... sounded like a dodgy thing to do right), and got a lime packaged in a brown foil lined bag, that was resealable, and had branding on it and all. It also came with a receipt, for 0.0022222 BTC. Wow! (I should note the contents of the bag was indeed a lime. The team shall have tequila tomorrow! The tequila is supplied by the company).

Back to work, but stopping on the way at Mama Browns. Ask if they know what bitcoin is, and YES, the guy does. I explain what I'm doing, and mention I was blogging it, he immediately asks where the blog is and loads it up. He says he isn't the boss, but will pass it on, and hopefully will accept it (as I'm eating there tomorrow...). This was all while I was holding a brown bag with a label of a lime on it, with a website that ended with .XXX (don't ask...). So I left my details, so watch this space. I might be legitimately eating out tomorrow night!

After work I went to a local user group (Wellington Python User Group), and told my story there (even though it has nothing to do with Python ;)). After the user group, some people went to a bar, and one of the user group attendees bought me a beer for bitcoin. Winning. So far on my travels I have bought a pizza, a beer, and a lime. Not quite the essentials...

I think I will reach out right now, because I need some of the following:

  • Phone top up card, any network (but currently on 2degrees)
  • Phone top up card for Australia (I'm in Sydney next week), on the optus network, I have a SIM already
  • Milk, cereal, bread
  • Anything else that people think would help!

But thats all for today, tomorrow I'm going to the following to chase them up to see if they will accept:

  • Fidels on Cuba
  • Midnight Expresso on Cuba
  • Rogue and Vagabond on Cuba
  • Mama Browns on Wakefield

If you can offer assitance, just do it! I'm on twitter as haquaman, on reddit as haquaman, on IRC as aquaman (no h), and email at hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz.

Feel free to donate to 155WivS5TdBdU1UMQVZNLodywzCUdLdBBk.