Week 1 of #monthonbitcoin

So it has been a week since I started this crazy adventure!

For those not following, this is a crazy experiment explained in this post. This is a summary post of the first week, detailed posts are covered in day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, and day 7.

So I started out in Wellington, NZ, and currently am in Sydney, AU, on holiday, will be back in NZ in a couple of days.

So day 1 was basically me becoming a "freegan" and eating all the free fruit supplied by work. I also went round a few local businesses asking about bitcoin, and got a few leads.

Day 2 I ate a pizza! I also gave a "donation" on a slip of paper with a handwritten bitcoin private address as entry to a poetry event. Got a few more leads at local businesses.


Day 3 I uhh ... brought a lime ... off the internet ... from some random guy on IRC. I think that is all that can be said...


Day 4 I made it a full bitcoin day. For lunch I ... got a month long tab which I have to pay in NZD next month ... but it's close right? I also followed up some leads I made during the week.



Oh, and I also had tequila with that lime I brought on day 3!


I got my phone topped up a well, by some kind random on the internet. Finished off day 4 with leaving a few bitcoin tips, on paper wallets.

Day 5 I brought some petrol vouchers, will recieve them next week. Rest of the day I spent packing for a holiday in Sydney.

Day 6, in Sydney. I got a smoothie, and spent some cash :(


The smoothie I actually bought direct from a vendor, who accepted bitcoin! Runs a not-for-profit juice bar called joostice in Newtown, NSW.


I spent cash at a place called Black Star Pastry, which apparently accepts bitcoin, but only in Rosebery store, not the Newtown one I went to.

At night, I went to a meetup called Beers4Bitcoin, hosted at The Old Fitzroy, who also accepts bitcoin!


So I got my first legit beer for bitcoin!


So the Old Fitzroy, and some other places around town, use a system called BitPOS, developed by some guy at this meetup. AWESOME!


After Old Fitzroy, we went out for dinner at the Owl House. Wine (cocktail) and dining on bitcoin!




Day 7 was pretty touristy, went and saw a bunch of ships. No photos unfortunately :(

If you can offer assitance, just do it! I'm on twitter as haquaman, on reddit as haquaman, on IRC as aquaman (no h), and email at hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz.

Feel free to donate to 155WivS5TdBdU1UMQVZNLodywzCUdLdBBk.